Burgundy 101

in Burgundy, there are only two grapes you have to know: Chardonnay for the white,and Pinot noir for the red, a classic-style white burgundy is more minerally, a little learner and not as fullbodied as American or Australian Chardonnay.

Different wine making techniques produce wide variances in the Chardonnay flavor profile. Such techniques as extended skin contact, whole cluster fermentation, barrel fermentation, level of barrel toasting, proportion of new to old cooperage, lees stirring, and partial, complete, or prevention of malolactic fermentation generate controversy and lively discussion among winemakers.

The most common (but not exclusive) smell and/or flavor elements found in chardonnay-based wines include:

*Typical Chardonnay Smell and/or Flavor Descriptors
*Typicity depends upon individual tasting ability and experience and is also affected by terroir and seasonal conditions, as well as viticultural and enological techniques. This list therefore is merely suggestive and neither comprehensive nor exclusive. Varietal Aromas/Flavors: Processing Bouquets/Flavors:
Stone Fruits: apple, pear, peach, apricot Terroir: flint, mineral, mint
Citric Fruits: lemon, lime, orange, tangerine Malolactic: butter, cream, hazelnut
Tropical Fruits: pineapple, banana, mango, guava, kiwi Oak (light): vanilla, sweet wood, coconut
Floral: acacia, hawthorn Oak (heavy): oak, smoke, toast, lees, yeast

(see our Tasting Notes)

Red burgundy is a little more lean and focused than pinotnoirs from california,oregon,newzaeland or any other new-word country that makes more deeply colored,robust, full-bodied pinotnoir, Red Burgundy is more floral,and delicate on the palate-you taste fruit,and then after taste  a little more mineral and higher Acid and restrained than a new world Pinot noir.

the other thing you need to know is that when you climb the ladder of burgundy, going from a generic wine to  a Grand Cru (see on wine region-france Burgundy(category) for more details)., you’ll see  an increase in Nuance,Complexity, and Intensity.


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