White wine styles

when you are learning to Drink wine, it help to think of white wine as being one of these for styles : crisp,sleek,soft and rich

1) Crisp white wines :

Crisp wines are white or rose wines with a light to medium body. They are light in color and have plenty of acid, which makes your mouth water.

The aromas of crisp wines include green apple, lemon, citrus, and honey. Common flavors include green apples, grape fruit, lemon, lime and citrus. The % alcohol for crisp wines is typically 12.5% or less. Common descriptions of crisp wines include refreshing and light.

Examples of crisp wines include Rieslings from France, Germany and New Zealand; unoaked Sauvignon Blancs from New Zealand, Sancerre France, and Washington State; and Pinot Gris from New Zealand and the Pinot region of Italy

2) Sleek white wines :

Sleek white wines have less acid and more body than crisp wines. In other words, sleek wines are medium bodiedwines that (literally) won’t make your mouth water.

Typically, sleek wines are made from either Sauvignon Blanc, Rieslings, Chardonnay or Pinot Gris. They are rarely treated with oak, but if a sleek wine is oaked, the oak will be French, perhaps air dried before being used. Sleek wines maybe treated with malolactic fermentation.

The aromas from sleek wines include apple, pear, and peach. Some may also express minerals or wet rocks. The flavor profile for sleek wines includes red apples, pears, and spice.

Examples of sleek wines include un-oaked Chardonnays (Chablis), new world Rieslings, Pinot Gris from New Zealand, and some Pinot Grigios from Italy

3) Soft white wines :

Soft white wines are medium bodied wines with a mellow palate, and a slightly richer texture than sleek wines. Sauvignon Blanc and Chardonnay grapes are use to make most soft wines. Soft Sauvignon Blancs are treated with oak and are typically subject to malolactic fermentation. This wine making technique turns maleic (think tart green apple) into lactic acid (think subdued red apple), softening the wine and adding body.

Examples of soft wines made from Sauvignon Blanc grapes include Pouilly-Fume from France, as well as most Californian Sauvignon Blancs and “Fume Blancs”. Soft wines made from Chardonnay grapes include the classic example of Pouilly Fuisse from France

4) Rich white wines :

Rich wines are the biggest white wines. All rich wines are full bodied, and they have the highest % alcohol for white wines. (Some rich wines can have 14% alcohol or more.) They are all very big in the mouth and have a long finish, but after that comparison there are more differences in aroma and tastein rich wines than most people can imagine.

Several grapes can be used to make rich wine. Chardonnay is the by far the most common, but the Viognier grape and the Chenin Blanc grape (in France) also make some very full-bodied wines. Rich wines are always treated with oak, either as a part of the fermentation process, aging process, or both. They also undergo malolactic fermentation, producing rich, often buttery texture and flavors.

Some rich wines are aged on their lees, which are the yeast and other biological stuff left over after fermentation. This treatment produces a flavor most often associated with white wines from Burgundy in France.

Examples of rich wines include Californian and Australian Chardonnays (those treated with wood), Grand and Premier Cru wines from Chablis, and wines from the Cote d’ Or and Cote de Beaune in France

in Additional :

1) Wooded and fullbody white wine :

souvignon blanc,semillion,viognier( north rhone) pinot blanc,Chardonnay (california &Australia), Burgundy white wine (chablis-grand cru)

2) Aromatic white wine : ( good for Aperritif wine)

late-harvest Gewurztraminer (foie grass), pinot gris(grape variety),chenin blanc,muscadet,vinevera crosses.

3) Sweet table white wines/ Dessert white wine :

Sweet gewurztraminer,Madeira,Sauternes,tokay, Semillion sweet,Port wine-sweet, etc

4) Light body white whine :

Riesling (german,alsace,australia,usa),pinotgrigio(prosecco),muscadet,Soave(verdichio),italian whites,pinotblanc,vinhoverde,Ribeina( wine of spain),Aligote(French-Burgundy). etc


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